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Workato Automation Bar | Ramirez Edition | 2023年6月14日

日時 (Date/Time):
2023年6月14日(水) 18:00 – 20:30
14th June 2023 (Wed) 6.00pm – 8.30pm
会場 (Venue):
AGORA CAFE (日本橋三井タワー2階)
Agora Cafe (Level 2, Nihonbashi Mitsui Tower)
詳細 (Details)
主催者 (Organiser):
Workato 株式会社
協賛 (Sponsor):
リックソフト株式会社 (Ricksoft)

イベント詳細 (Event Details)

オートメーションへのアプローチに革命を起こす準備はできていますか?Workato Automation Barでは、あなたのようなプロフェッショナルが、カジュアルで楽しい雰囲気の中で、ネットワークを構築し、学び、楽しい経験を満喫するために集まります。
Are you ready to revolutionize your approach to automation? Join us at Workato Automation Bar, where IT & DX professionals come together in a casual and fun atmosphere to network, learn, and indulge in a delightful experience.

Workato Automation Bar特別フォーマットによる開催です。 6月13日〜14日に開催される『ガートナー アプリケーション・イノベーション&ビジネス・ソリューション サミット 2023』で発表するセッションをリコールします!
This is a special edition of the Workato Automation Bar, providing a deeper dive into Andres’s session at the Gartner Application Innovation & Business Solutions Summit 2023.

This session is in English with consecutive translation in Japanese.
Andres Ramirez
Director, Enterprise Architecture

講演者のプロフィール (Speaker Profile)

Andres Ramirez is a seasoned professional with 17+ years of experience in integration and automation. As Head of Enterprise Architecture at Workato, he drives innovation and strategic decision-making. Andres excels in designing scalable integration solutions, optimizing processes, and delivering transformative projects. He is a thought leader, speaker, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an MBA. Andres brings a wealth of expertise, leadership, and technological acumen to drive business success.

スケジュール (Schedule)

受付開始 と ウェルカム・レセプション
Registration and Welcome Reception
ご挨拶 Workato株式会社 紹介 (アラン・テンと鈴木浩之)
Opening and Workato Introduction (By Allan Teng & Hiro Suzuki)
Unleashing the Power of Enterprise Automation: The Convergence of Integration and Automation” (Consecutive translation)
In a rapidly evolving business environment, companies are looking for innovative ways to increase efficiency, streamline operations, and accelerate growth. Enterprise Automation is a transformative approach that uses the power of technology to integrate and automate tasks and processes across an organization. This session will explore the importance of integration and its synergy with automation, and provide insight into the latest trends and practical applications. You will gain an understanding of the benefits of enterprise automation, which offers unprecedented levels of productivity, accuracy, and cost savings. In addition, you will learn about the critical role of integration, the latest integration technologies, and explore how to build an integration ecosystem that drives automation. You will also gain insight into the considerations and challenges of implementing enterprise automation, as well as practical guidance and best practices. Through this session, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of how integration and automation can drive operational excellence and gain strategies and vision to transform your organization and succeed in the digital age.
Networking over Food and Drinks

Workatoの活用ユースケースとブレイクアウト セッション
Breakout session on Workato Use Case and Demo


Automation Pro 1&2の資格証明書の授与
Pro 1 & Pro 2 Certificate Presentation


フォト・セッション & クロージング
Group Photo & Closing Remarks


End of Event

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